Contacts in the surf Protect Your Eyes from UV

Surf Sunglasses

Why wear surf sunglasses?
- Protection from the harmful effects of the sun
- Prescription vision
- Contact lenses are becoming less comfortable the more they are worn in the ocean

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Our prescription offerings are superior in Quality, Options and Range. We have never had to turn away a prescription as being too thick - see our S Rat II Frame for thick prescriptions.

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We have an excellent turn around time because we carry our own inventory, at our commercial site (not a residence or PO Box), so we have inventory ready to be shipped.
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Why Silverfish?
Silverfish is committed to offering styles that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We have access to both styles created by our own development team and designs created overseas. Our experience and background in the optical and surf industries allow us to either design, or pick and choose the frames that we know are the best. We are always developing and reviewing new technology and are ready to add designs when they add value to our existing line. Having our own development team also means that we can improve upon both our own technology and 3rd party technology.

Finally, we own our active patents. Other companies imply they own patents, yet they don't. Their patents are usually expired, owned by other companies, broadly licensed, such as Velcro. If their patent number begins with a "D", then it is not function based. Any reputable company should be able to give you a patent number.
Search here: USPTO Patent Search
A few of our patents are:
Patent 6,629,760
Patent 8,517,533

Simply put, Silverfish offers the best Surf Sunglasses....
- 100% UVA/UVB Japanese polarized polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes in the water.
- We offer both non-removable straps and equally secure, proprietary, removable straps.
- We offer removable leashes designed and sold exclusively by Silverfish.
- Many different styles to choose from.
- Hydrophobic Lens Coating
- We can help you whether your main concern is ventilation or sun protection.
- We can help you whether you are in cold or tropical climates.
- We have never had to turn down a prescription as too strong in our S Rat line.
- Water sports enthusiasts love our water sunglasses!
- The competition hates our patented/proprietary designs ;-)

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See Larger Surf Sunglasses Video on YouTube

See Larger Surf Sunglasses Video on YouTube

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