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Elite Series Whistler Eyewear

Whistler II $109.00 $74.00

Elite Series S-Rat Eyewear

S Rat II $109.00 $74.00

Standard Eyewear

Standard $59.00 $39.00

Road Trip Eyewear

Road Trip $99.00 $74.00


Contacts in the surf Protect Your Eyes from UV

The Best Surf Sunglasses, at a reasonable price

Clear vision while protecting your eyes from UV radiation.

Our prescription offerings are superior in quality, options, and range. We've never turned away a prescription for being too thick. Our S Rat II Frame is a flat frame without image distortion, ideal for thick prescriptions.

Why Silverfish?

Every Silverfish frame combines style and function. Our development team creates designs in-house for us, plus we sell designs from overseas. We're well-positioned to design new frames or pick the best from other designers' work. We pass our expertise on to you, giving you the best possible prescription surf sunglasses.

We own active patents. Where the patents other companies claim to own are actually expired or owned by 3rd parties, we have our own. If you see a competitor's patent number that starts with a D, it's not a function-based patent. Any reputable company should be able to show you their patent numbers. You can use the US Patent Search Tool to research our competitors' patent claims. You can also look at our patents. For example, US Patent 8,517,533

Silverfish Surf Sunglasses offer the following features:

Our turnaround time is Quick. Non-prescription eyewear typically ships out within 1 business day. We also offer full refunds on non-prescription products for up to 2 weeks after your purchase. Check out our unsolicited customer reviews. We routinely get 5 stars. People love our prescription sunglasses and our customer service.

If you're serious about protecting your eyes, maintaining crystal clear vision, and not losing your surf goggles, then order Silverfish prescription surf glasses today. We'll help you take your surfing experience to the next level.

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See Larger Surf Sunglasses Video on YouTube

See Larger Surf Sunglasses Video on YouTube

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