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7 Easy Steps to Combat Fogging that can occur with Surf Sunglasses

Ensure That Fogged Up Surf Sunglasses Aren’t a Problem Anymore!

Fogged up water sunglasses can be extremely annoying. Ensure that this doesn’t happen with your eyewear by following this guide on surfing sunglasses.

There are many factors that affect fogging. Ventilation, lens coatings, lens materials, temperature (water, air, and face), overcast or clear weather, and individual facial structure all play into this. Here are some tips to help you avoid fogging while you surf (or enjoy your other favorite water sport):

  1. Make sure the lenses on your surfing sunglasses are clean when you start. The best way to clean them is by using soap & water and/or Silverfish Cleaning Spray. When you use Silverfish Cleaning Spray, use a double coat on both sides of the lenses, just before entering the ocean.
  2. If you are wearing sunblock or sunscreen lotion that can come off your face and onto you lenses. This can appear to be fogging. If this happens, use a finger or thumb to wipe the inside of your lens to remove the lotion – make sure no sunblock is on your finger! If this is still a major problem, experiment with different sunscreen lotions. Badger sunscreen is healthy, works well and stays on, so it might be worth trying if your current sunscreen isn’t working.
  3. If you are using the S Rat II or Whistler II frames from Silverfish, be sure to wear the nose piece.
  4. Try loosening the strap a bit so that the sunglasses can fit more loosely on your face. Allow the sunglasses to sit a bit further from your face to give more airflow to the inside of the lenses. If you do this, be sure to wear the leash so that you don’t lose your glasses.
  5. Dunk your head in the water to flush out any fogging.
  6. If the sun is out, face the sun so that fogging droplets can evaporate.
  7. Start out with the proper pair of surf sunglasses by finding a company that understands the issue, such as Silverfish.

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