A Surfing Sunglasses Prescription: The Best Way to Surf

Are you the last one to see a set coming?  Does everybody else have a good jump on you to get in position for the waves?  Unfortunately, that’s a reality all too common for many surfers. Their prescription glasses can’t follow them into the water, and then they don’t see anything around them. Even if they have prescription sunglasses, it’s too big a risk to take them into the water and potentially lose them forever. If a surfer can’t see, not only can they not fully enjoy the waves, but they are endangering themselves and other surfers.  Surfing sunglasses prescriptions are the answer.

Not being able to see in the water puts you and others at risk. You could collide with another surfer in the water and seriously injure yourself or the other surfer.  Or, you may not see a surfer dropping-in in front of you until it is too late to react.  In the end, not being able to see clearly in the water is a huge hazard that can ruin your surfing experience. If you wear prescription glasses and you surf, you definitely need a surfing sunglasses prescription.

That’s where Silverfish comes in. Silverfish creates prescription surfing sunglasses that will take the glare off the water and allow you to surf confidently. The prescription surfing sunglasses from Silverfish are attached with an elastic rope in the back, ensuring maximum stability against waves. We can create surfing glasses for most prescriptions with an easy online ordering process, but if you have one that is a little more unusual, don’t worry. Give us a call and we’ll help you find the glasses that are perfect for you. For prescription surfing glasses that perform both in and out of the water, Silverfish is the perfect place to look. Get started on your collection of sunglasses today. We know you’ll be happy with the sunglasses you get.

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