Catching Some Sun with My Favorite Surfing Goggles

When I surf, I enjoy catching some rays but hate the sunburn that goes with it. I usually remember to use my waterproof sunblock to protect my skin. For the longest time I didn’t have surfing goggles to protect my eyes, usually going commando, and didn’t have UV protection. On top of it, I had to wear my contact lenses because of my prescription. After long or double sessions, my eyes were red and irritated. I had trouble opening my eyes because the sun was so bright. I didn’t even enjoy my time surfing because my eyes hurt were so bothered. I needed a serious upgrade to protect my eyes from the harsh sunlight.

When I found Silverfish’s surfing goggles, I was thrilled. Their goggles are actually more like sunglasses with an adjustable strap, so I can wear them whether I’m in the water or not. They also have prescription surf sunglasses, which means that not only will I be able to see in the water, but I will have the clearest possible picture of the surf. They even have a way to prevent fogging on the goggles so that you don’t have to worry about being blinded with water droplets.

These surfing goggles block out the harsh UV rays, look stylish, and are user-friendly. After I read up on Silverfish, I was more than sold. I bought my first pair online. I couldn’t be happier. My surfing life has been so much easier and more comfortable with the addition of the Silverfish surfing goggles. I suggest them to anyone I know who surfs, because now I can finally fully enjoy the sport that I have come to love over the years.

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