Don’t Let UV Radiation Be Your Eye’s Nemesis: Surf Sunglasses That Protect

Protect Your Eyes With Silverfish’s Surf Sunglasses

Your eyes are irreplaceable. You take steps to protect your eyes as you go about your daily life. However, there is one crucial eye protection technique that surfers everywhere need to know about. That technique is all about preventing UVA and UVB light from attacking your eyes when you put on your surf sunglasses.

There are three types of UV radiation: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC is the most harmful, but luckily, the ozone layer blocks it. However, the ozone layer doesn’t block UVA and UVB. In fact, UV radiation nearly doubles in intensity in reflective, wide-open areas like beaches. That’s not good for surfers who don’t have UV-resistant surf sunglasses.

Over time, unfiltered UV radiation can have devastating effects on the eyes. Possible conditions include flash burns to the cornea, pterygium (a condition which causes blurred and reduced vision over time), cataracts (which causes the lens of the eye to unravel and could lead to blindness), and even eye cancer.

However, as a surfer, you can reduce your exposure to UV light. Surfing after 2PM, when the angle of the sun is shrinking, will reduce initial exposure to UV radiation as well as reflective exposure from sand. However, surfing after 2PM won’t protect your eyes from all UV radiation. The safest course of action is to invest in a pair of surf sunglasses that protects against UV rays.

Every model in Silverfish’s line of surf sunglasses has lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. That means that when you wear our surf glasses, your eyes are significantly safer than they would be without our surf glasses. Make the investment in your health by purchasing a pair of Silverfish’s surf sunglasses. You’ll love the results—and your eyes will thank you later.

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