The Best Surf Sunglasses Have Removable Straps

Let me get right to it. The best surf sunglasses have removable straps.

Removable straps are perfect for surfing. The sunglasses stay on your face the whole time you’re surfing. Then they transform into street-ready sunglasses. Pretty dope, right?

It’s not just the removable strap that makes Silverfish’s glasses the best surf sunglasses—though that’s a great reason to grab a pair. Silverfish’s surf sunglasses also offer UVA and UVB protection. No worries about water or sun irritating your eyes. You can totally open your eyes while riding the waves. That’ll take your experience to the next level. One more thing: our straps are thick enough that they won’t hurt after a while. And these straps won’t slip and slide off of your face.

It’s 2015. The days of suffering with less-than-stellar surf sunglasses are over. This generation of surfers expects more. Silverfish delivers.

Invest in a pair of the best surf sunglasses from Silverfish. We hold patents on the best surf sunglasses designs in the world. With this level of innovation available in every Silverfish design, you’ll be thrilled with the results, regardless of the frame you choose.

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