What Makes a Great Pair of Skydiving Sunglasses?

Skydiving rocks.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. Jumping out of a plane and falling thousands of feet is dope. But if you’re going to do it, you gotta have the right equipment. Especially in areas with the least ozone protection and the most exposure to the elements as you fall, it’s crucial that you protect your eyes from every possible hazard. Exposure to thin air can cause wrinkles, not to mention that you’ll be exposed to the UVA and UVB radiation with the intensified sunlight. Plus, particulate matter in the atmosphere will definitely hit you as you fall. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in your body. They need total protection.

Maybe you have difficulty seeing at all if it’s a bright, cloudless day. It would suck if you went skydiving and couldn’t see your jump because of the glare or because you weren’t wearing your prescription glasses.

Take it from Silverfish: that doesn’t have to be a problem. Our skydiving sunglasses are perfect for your favorite sport. Their built-in ventilation systems make them great for skydiving. Our frames support every possible prescription. Our lens coatings protect your eyes from the harsh UV radiation that comes with the sun, and the solid construction of our glasses prevents debris from damaging your eyes as you fall.

We have many different styles to fit different personal tastes and needs. The removable strap makes it convenient to wear your skydiving sunglasses when skydiving and just walking around the street. If you are a frequent skydiver, our skydiving sunglasses can’t be beat. Take your experience shooting through the sky to the next level with Silverfish

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