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Unless you have had problems with "off-the-rack" sunglasses not fitting, you should be okay with any of our styles. We mention sizing for people who have had problems with sunglasses not fitting in the past. That is, they know that sunglasses usually are too big or too small for their face and they ask us what is better for a small face or a large face.

Head Sizing: Pupil distances used for prescriptions (left and right combined) of 59 or less are indicative of smaller head sizes. 60-65 are indicative of average head sizes. 66 and above are indicative of larger head sizes. These are general guidelines and may not be true for everyone.

You can order the frames non-prescription to see how they fit. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return the unused, non-prescription sunglasses for a refund.

If you want them in prescription, you can place a second order for prescription, while returning the originals. Please note the prescription limitations for each frame on this page:, or email your prescription to us and we can tell you which frames will work.

The above said, comparing the measurements (and shape) from a current frame that you own/like may give you an idea of our frame sizes and how they might fit.

Things to keep in mind
- Sunglass Size vs Eyeglass Size: In most cases, a person's eyeglass frame is smaller than their sunglass frame.
- If the sunglass frame is a wrapped frame ( has a curve to it ) then, usually, the frame will fit a wider head and range of head sizes.
- The geometry of the frame (which involves more than the measurements below) impacts the frame fit, greatly.
- The "Head Size" should give the best idea of fit.

Frame Head Size A B DBL Temple Length Temple Width Total Frame Width Wrap
Standard Small to Average 63 40 19   5-4 128 ++++
Surf Rat Small to Average 54 29.5 17.5   4 132 +
Road Trip Average to Large 56 32 20   5-4 127 ++
Whistler II Average to Large 60 36.5 21   4 144 +++
*All measurements in millimeters (mm).
Frame dimensions
Measurements (for table above):
- Head Size - This is for general guidance based on our experience/observations
- A - the horizontal width of the frame's lens
- B - the vertical height of the frame's lens
- DBL or Bridge Size - the distance between the lenses
- Temple Length - length of the temple (or ear stem/piece). Because there is no standard way for measuring temple length, we leave it blank. (For instance, the temple length can change depending on the wrap and how much of the frame front takes up space into the temple. A frame's temple may start a great distance back from a flat frame front.)
- Temple Width - width of temple (sunglass widths are often thicker than eyeglass widths.)
- Total Frame Width - length from temple to temple, measured at the hinge. We measure the inner total frame width. So, to find the outer temple width, add the temple width of each side.
- Wrap - The more + means more wrap

Tip: Eyeglass frames usually have three measurements written on the inner temple (in standard order): A, DBL and Temple Length

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