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Since 2002

Silverfish is a pioneering manufacturer and designer of sunglasses for surfing, with patents granted in the U.S., Australia and South Africa. We provide "in-the-water" protection from the sun when surfers need it the most, in the reflecting water. Silverfish's eyewear is also well suited for other water sports, including windsurfing, kiteboarding and kayaking. Prescription surf sunglasses are also available.

Silverfish was founded by a California surfer who wanted to see better in the surf, while also protecting his eyes from the cancer causing UVA/UVB rays. While contact lenses worked for a while, eventually the bacteria absorbing lenses began to create problems of irritation and dryness to the point that it was uncomfortable to wear contact lenses in or out of the water. And, contact lenses didn't provide protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet light, especially in the vulnerable whites of the eyes.

After testing the existing offerings available at the time, he found no satisfactory results, and development of a better solution began. Various contraptions were tested (and many lost to mother ocean). Finally, a breakthrough came about that incorporated both function and style.
Silverfish was issued the following patents: U.S. Patents 8,517,533, 6,629,760; Australia Patent 60/079224; and South Africa Patent 2000/5241.

Three of our four styles were developed in-house with a collaboration among the founder, eyewear design veterans and production specialists. Our, patented, in-house styles are only sold as Silverfish sunglasses. We have also made proprietary improvements to the non-in-house (outhouse?) style.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!