Skydiving Sunglasses That Won't Let You Down

Skydiver Kinsley Wong wearing skydiving sunglasses
Skydiver Kinsley Wong wearing skydiving sunglasses

Skydivers love the thrill of fresh air blasting all around them. It's exhilarating to fall through the sky and feel weightless as you hang over the earth. While this hobby is awesome, it also puts your eyes at risk. Skydiving sunglasses are one of the most important parts of a skydiver's wardrobe. Skydiving sunglasses keep particles from hitting your eyes and also allow you to see your best as you fall through the sky. Part of the thrill of skydiving in the first place is being able to see everything around you, and with the wind rushing by your face, it's difficult to even turn your head, let alone see all around you. Aside from this, many goggles made for skydiving do not offer sun protection. UVA and UVB radiation are very real threats to eye health. You may use SPF sunscreen to protect your skin, but UV radiation poses the same threat to your eyes and can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and many other side effects.

Especially while so close in proximity to the sun, it's vital to have adequate protection against UV rays.

Finding all of these features in one set of skydiving sunglasses can be stressful. It may even seem impossible. However, Silverfish has everything you need in one convenient package. Silverfish offers a selection of skydiving sunglasses in a variety of styles to suit your personality and taste. They all have UV protection, and they're built with extreme durability to stand up to anything nature throws at you. The removable strap makes them perfect for both skydiving and wearing on the street.

Don't shop around at other places that offer one essential element of skydiving sunglasses but not the complete package. Visit Silverfish and take a look at our premium skydiving sunglasses.

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