Snowboarding Sunglasses / SnowKiting Sunglasses

Snow Kiter Paul Menta

Snow Kiter Paul Menta checking out some Utah snow

When choosing sunglasses for snow boarding or snow kiting, consider the following:

1. A rigid frame with minimal give helps keep frames on your head. Flexible frames fail in falls because too much give lets them come off too easily. (Road Trip, Whistler, S Rat and Standard are all rigid frames.)

2. A non-elastic strap is required for the same reasons mentioned above. (Road Trip, Whistler, S Rat and Standard come with non-elastic straps.)

3. Ventilation is important to combat fogging. (Whistler and S Rat frames have a removable nose piece that separates the frame from the face to increase ventilation.)

4. A removable strap allows for use off of the mountain. (Included with Road Trip, Whistler and S Rat frames. Standard is offered as an option.)

5. For asian or wider faces, consider a wider frame. (Whistler and Road Trip frames)

6. For really thick prescriptions, you will need a flatter frame front to accept your lenses. (In order of flatness - S Rat, Road Trip, Whistler, Standard)

-Polarized lenses cut down glare, or vertical light that reflects off flat surfaces such as snow, water, wet roads, etc.
-100% UVA/UVB protection
-Polycarbonate lenses

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