Specifications and Comparisons

Features Benefits
Removable Strap Add-on Option Dual use - casual or active (Secure, Hassle-free attachment and adjustment).
Stream lined buckle (minimally affected by turbulence)
Secure Leash Add-on Option Second line of defense for retaining eyewear so you don't have to swim after your sunglasses in the impact zone
Interference Fit Technology™ No Comfortably, keeps eyewear on during extreme surf, snow, sun and wind conditions U.S. Patent 6,629,760 (see FAQs Page - General Tab) - This is a utility patent (function based) and not a design patent (aesthetics), exclusive to Silverfish.
Prescription Range Wide Wide Widest
(Any Rx,
No Distortion)
Standard Enables the vision impaired to play on a level playing field. (We offer prescription lenses on all of our frames.)
Frame Lens Gripper™ No Secures lenses to the frame. Decreases chances of fallout in pounding waves
Features Benefits
Mold Injected Nylon Frame Silverlite™ Silverlite™ Silverlite™ TR Nylon Extremely durable and lightweight
Nose Piece / Ventilation Superior
Recommended Water Temp - Any
Good Ventilation
Recommended Water Temp - 66F (19C) - up
Recommended Water Temp - Any
Good Ventilation
Recommended Water Temp - 66F (19C) - up
Removable Snapper - Increases ventilation and combats fogging.
Rubber - Closer fit. Excellent for high wind conditions
Nose Piece / Material Snapper - Nylon Rubber Snapper - Nylon/ Rubber Rubber Removable Snapper - Eliminates lash crash. Dual use - casual (off) or active (on).

Rubber nose piece - Increases comfort
Colors Black, Silver
Black, Brown, Tortoise
Black, Tortoise
What's your style?
Style: Wrap vs. No-Wrap Wrap Some Wrap No Wrap Most Wrap Personal Preference
Wrap style provides more eye coverage - less sun come through
Head Size Range Average - Large Average - Large Average - Small Average - Small Fits most head sizes (see FAQs Page - Purchasing Tab)
Features Benefits
Non-Flex Frame Non-Flexible frames prevent movement (wiggling) and therefore, are more secure and less likely to dislodge
Polarized Lenses (Imported from Japan) Eliminates glare (eliminates headaches caused by low-end polarized lenses)
Polycarbonate Lenses Optimum lens impact protection for Rx and non-Rx
UV Lens Coating Protects eyes from the sun - 100% UV protection.
(Pterygiums and cataracts have been linked to prolonged sunlight exposure)
Hinges Black frame: Built into frame; Silver frame:3 Barrel Weather-resistant Built into frame Built into frame Built into frame Allows for easy storage
Features Benefits
Floatability or Leash Leash Leash Leash Floats* *Floats (without additional weight of prescription lenses)
Lenses with 360 degree Perimeter Contact with the frame Secures lenses to the frame. Decreases chances of fallout.
Strap Adjustable eyewear retainer
Meets or exceeds ANSI standards Allows color clarity for driving. Lens and frame are impact safe
Warranty (Limited) 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty Purchase with confidence
Features Benefits

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Before Silverfish Eyewear

before silverfish

Blinding Sun, Glare, Blurred Vision, Spray, Wind, Cataracts or Pterygia on the Eyes, Red Irritated Eyes

After Silverfish Eyewear

after water sunglasses

Sun (UV) Protection, Polarized (glare reduction), Prescription, Water and Wind protection Clear Eyes

Technologically Superior Eyewear for Extreme Sports and Conditions by Silverfish.

Surf sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, water eyewear, for kayaking, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, motorcycling and other extreme sports and conditions