Additional Prescription Options

Additional Prescription Options


Multi-Focal Lenses
High Definition Freeform Digital Lenses
High Index (Recommended for Sphere outside of -10 to +4 range)
Super Hydrophobic A/R Coating (Only suggested for clear or photochromic Lenses
Prism (not common) Enter info with the Rx, but add the cost here
Mirror Coating


Product Description

- High Definition Freeform Digital Lenses: the prescription is recalculated at every point on the lens. This technology is especially helpful in wrap styles.
- Multi-Focal Lenses: See FAQs-->Prescription for the process. (It is recommended that we send our non-prescription frame to you first so that you can get a segment height measurement.  But, we can use an average if requested.) Segment Height
- High Index 1.67: We think High-Index is unnecessary for Rx's (sphere + cylinder) between +4.00 and -10.00, but recommend (and may require) it for beyond that range. (High index is not available with the combo Polarized/Photochromic lens.) The default lens that we use is polycarbonate which is stronger and already a thin lens.
(If your current glasses are high-index and you have a strong prescription, you may want keep using high-index so that your eyes do not have to adjust to polycarbonate.)
- A/R (Anti-reflective) Coating: If the lens is clear or goes clear (Transition/ Vantage), than you may want to consider our Special A/R Coating. We don't think that A/R is necessary for lenses that are tinted.
- Prism (not common): Enter info where you enter the prescription, but add the cost here to expedite.
- Mirror Coating: Personalize your lenses with a unique look. (Lenses will be darker.)