Prescription - Lens Replacement (Pair)

Prescription - Lens Replacement (Pair)


If sending in frame
Mail with copy of Receipt to:
Silverfish Frame Replace
32392 South Coast Highway, #160
Laguna Beach, CA 92651:
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Product Description

We can insert lenses into our frames or frames from other manufacturers.*

1) Customer sends in the frame and Silverfish inserts the lens. (Recommended)
2) We make the lens without the frame and send the lens to the customer. Customer may need a local optician to insert the lens. The optician may have difficulty inserting the lenses and Silverfish is not responsible if they break the frame.  (They are removed by pushing out towards the front. They are inserted, in reverse, by pushing in towards the back and ear stems. Use your fingers to slightly stretch the frame apart, and your thumbs for pressure on the lens.)

*Silverfish is not responsible for breakage of frames from other manufacturers or customers' 3rd parties, and reserves the right to not attempt to insert lenses into frames that we do not feel will endure a new lens insertion.

If sending current frame to Silverfish:
***Ship by US Postal Service, no signature required***
Do not ship by UPS.  Do not require a signature.
Ship to:

Silverfish - Lens Replacement
32392 South Coast Highway, #160
Laguna Beach, CA 92651